Kicking the Habit

Co-founder & art direction

A website for music that matters.

Kicking the Habit became an indispensable part of the Dutch music landscape with reviews, concert reports, new musical discoveries, room for guest editors and of course the latest news. In addition, we started organizing our own concert evenings in, among others, Ekko and Tivoli in Utrecht. We also collaborated with festivals and clubs for which we occasionally did editorial jobs and hosted concert evenings.
As icing on the cake, we were in conflict with BUMA/STEMRA. Rock 'n roll.

Kicking the Habit ceased to exist on Monday, April 18, 2016. We kicked the habit, so to speak.

With: Joris Rietbroek, Bas Jansen, Barry Spooren

All that remains are a few posters and a lot of memories.

A Kicking the Habit Poster
A Kicking the Habit Poster
A Kicking the Habit Poster